No event can be 100% inclusive but we need to strive to ensure that it is accessible for all. We can improve each time we organize an event!

Paula Saunders, Independent Living Centre Waterloo Region

By picking just ONE IDEA from the Inclusion Checklist, you can make your neighbourhood gathering more accessible and welcoming to all – even for those who don’t typically join in. Use these tips to plan, promote and hold a gathering that is open, inviting and fun for everyone! When your event is complete, share your success stories so that others can be inspired to follow in your footsteps.

The eligibility criteria for FoN activities haven’t changed!

  • Activity organized for a specific geographic area as defined by organizers
  • Reach out and invite all the neighbours to the activity
  • Neighbours have an opportunity to interact face to face and get to know each other.

Call us at 519-579-3800 and share your stories, ideas, and suggestions. We have more useful tools for you!