Great ways to stay in touch with neighbours

Good Afternoon on this beautiful and sunny day.  Perfect day to enjoy fresh air and a walk or maybe a bike ride while physically distancing (2m or 6ft).  There are lots of great ways to stay in touch with neighbours in a way that responds to Covid-19 and Festival of Neighbourhoods wants to hear and see them.  FON continues to post ideas and pictures to Facebook, Twitter and the website working to keep spirits up. Festival of Neighbourhoods wants to hear and see them. 

We can get through this changing time Together while Separated!!!!  Here are a few more ideas

  • Run errands for groceries and meds, or walk dogs for neighbours who can’t leave their homes
  • Play a musical instrument from your porch, balcony or window for neighbours to enjoy
  • Display your creative projects where others can enjoy it, whether physically on your front yard or windows or on social media.
  • Write messages of encouragement with chalk on the sidewalks.
  • Participate community activities that don’t bring people face-to-face, such as sing-alongs, light shows and community thank-yous to health workers on the front lines of this pandemic from the front door or balcony.

Please register your inclusive but physically distanced activities for our early bird draws and win a $50 gift certificate for a local vendor of your choice.  Next draw is April 30th and registration deadline is April 27th.  Register at

Let’s Physically Distance but Stay Social

There are lots of great ways to physically distance but stay social and connected with your neighbours during this challenging time. Here are some of the ideas we have seen so far that are lifting spirits, entertaining and building relationship.

So what are neighbourhoods doing staying together in social/physical distancing times

  • Neighbourhood window art walks
  • Sidewalk chalk drawings and messages
  • Online dance, exercise and common interest parties
  • Setting a daily time to meet and greet from Doorsteps or Balconies
  • Daily check-ins with neighbours via phone, video conferencing, email 
  • Running errands or helping with outside chores 
  • Bears and Messages in windows
  • Online greeting cards without or with music
  • Information and resource sharing facebook groups such as Caremongering KW