Festival of Neighbourhoods Kitchener invites YOU to participate in an interactive online celebration recognizing all the amazing ways you and your neighbours created community connections this year.  Our theme is A Mosaic of Neighbourhoods, and we’ll be highlighting the neighbourhoods and people that make Kitchener the strong and diverse community we cherish. Zoom along with your neighbours and City of Kitchener representatives to share your ideas for the future of your neighbourhoods, take video tours around the city and participate in a fun creative activity.  By joining the party on the Zoom meeting platform, you’ll have the opportunity to represent your neighbourhood and win one of five $100.00 ‘Door Prize’ Gift Cards from local businesses towards your neighbourhood projects. 

  • How did your neighbourhood create connections this year?
  • What would you need to continue these connections in an unpredictable future?
  • What ideas do you have for the future of your neighbourhood? 

On the reservation order form, you can volunteer to be a Breakout Session host; lead a small online discussion group and spark imagination as they envision the future of your neighbourhood.  The deadline to confirm is Thursday, November 12th at midnight.  Sign up today!

If you wish to participate offline, or don’t have access to a home computer, a City of Kitchener Community Centre space is available for you to join in.  Email allison.brown@waterlooregion.org or call 519-567-7407 for more information.  

You can also participate in the Festival Of Neighbourhoods by: 

  • sharing your story with us in a short audio interview about your neighbourhood to be included in a video, Email allison.brown@waterlooregion.org for more information.  
  • Contribute photos, videos, posters and memorabilia from any neighbourhood happenings this year.

Thank you for organizing inclusive and accessible neighbourhood gatherings!

Knowing the people who live in your neighbourhood improves everyone’s quality of life with a greater sense of belonging, more safety, more sharing, mutual supports and understanding, and of course more fun and joyful everyday life!

Since 1994, at Festival of Neighbourhoods, we have supported and encouraged citizens who host gatherings open to everyone in their neighbourhood in many practical ways.

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions and our Brochure.

You plan the ways to bring neighbours together! We plan the ways to support you

Tools, Resources and Advice

Sharing Ideas and Stories

Reach! Inclusion Challenge

Read the list of ideas to make your neighbourhood gathering welcoming and accessible to everyone and take the Inclusion Challenge to REACH out a little further!


Contact Information

Kitchener’s Festival of Neighbourhoods
c/o Social Development Centre Waterloo Region
23 Water St N, Kitchener N2H 5A4
Tel: 519-579-3800

Founding Partners

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the initiative, an award or a prize, get in touch with us.

Are you hungry for a bit of history? Read the article about the Festival of Neighbourhoods: Kitchener Season of Celebration and Festival of Neighbourhoods (2001).