This will be the first time we are meeting in person in the same physical space for Festival of Neighbourhoods November Celebration since 2019. This year we are meeting the Propinquity Challenge all over the place!

Propinquity is one of the main factors in interpersonal attraction. It refers to the physical or psychological proximity between people. It can mean kinship between people or a similarity in nature between things.

We are through the worst of a global pandemic and things are returning to a more conducive environment for re-establishing a sense of propinquity where we live, work, raise our families, and go to school and celebrate!

We are looking forward to seeing you in person! This is a new beginning for the Festival and we want to celebrate with you together. RSVP here.

This will be the first time we are meeting in person in the same physical space since 2019. What a relief that is!

We also recognize that safety precautions are always good when it comes to public health. Therefore we will have masks and sanitizer available for attendees but you are not required to wear masks. It is suggested if you are concerned. It is always an option and we want to ensure that you are given the tools you need to stay reasonably safe and comfortable in shared spaces especially if you are concerned that contracting any viruses may be of serious consequence to your health.

Book A Table for the This Years Celebration

We are offering information display tables to any of you who would like to be able to showcase and express all you have done this year and over the pandemic to keep propinquity alive and growing. You can share and talk to others who are participating and display images of your events and activities. You can show us the geographic boundaries of your neighbourhoods by exchanging with others who are doing the same. Show us your neighbourhoods attributes, parks, community centres, green spaces, businesses, etc. Show us what’s missing that you wish you had. Will you need access to power? Let us know. 

First come, first served. Email