Acute Propinquity Dysfunction?!

Acute Propinquity Dysfunction, Your Neighbourhood Too? 


Signs your neighbourhood is suffering from the Acute Propinquity Dysfunction:
Empty Streets
No one is outside hanging out
Rarely do you see people walking biking jogging conversing
Everyone you know is only ever seen inside a car or a building
There are no living breathing human beings spotted on the streets

These Boosters can Help!

Organize a neighbourhood (Winterlude) snow man show
Create an online arts & crafts group
Shop and make deliveries for neighbours who cannot leave their homes
Start a Book Club
Walk & Bike when you can
Cross Country Ski & Snowshoe in your snow covered green spaces & walking paths

Book a Covid Safe Virtual Living Room or our physical COVID Safe LIVING Room to you at your next public event? Let’ chat

Register your activities and let us know how you are boosting PROPINQUITY in your neighbourhood!