Festival of Neighbourhoods

seeking a Multimedia Specialist

September 15th to December 18th

15 hours per week at $25 per hour

Kitchener’s Festival of Neighbourhoods team is seeking a candidate with experience in creation of audio/visual promotional material to assist in planning, hosting and disseminating stories about neighbourthood activities and gatherings during the pandemic for the first online Festival of Neighbourhoods 27th Annual Celebration to happen on November 15, 2020.

Festival of Neighoburhoods was founded in 1994 and has been a support and a recognition program
for Kitchener residents who are bringing their neighbours together. Usually, neighbours who organize gatherings on their streets, in the parks or buildings, would come together to share what worked well and how life in their neighoburhoods changed because of the connection made. Inclusivity is of particular interest to the Festival of Neighbourhoods and this year, because of the pandemic, we will
bring the neighbours together online to showcase the joy, the fun and the mutual care that flourished
during the times of distancing.

The job would include supporting the Festival of Neighbourhoods Team in designing the online Annual Celebration and preparing promotional material needed. We would need to gather information, audio interviews and visuals of the COVID activities organized; your keen sense of showcasing the creative, safe and inclusive ways to connect during the pandemic; skilled production of short video and audio clips, visuals and infographics to represent neighbourhood solidarity and vibrancy during distancing.

The successful candidate would need experience in:

creation of audio/visual material,

– research, interviewing and content writing

– promotional material design

– organizing online events, webinars or conference calls

– communication and team building skills

Send you resume and cover letter in one document by midnight of September 4th

Email the selection committee from John  MacDonald Architect and
Social Development Centre Waterloo Region at